What is Oversoul Monadic Restoration


Let’s get real about some of the challenges we human beings face now and how OMR can help. OMR stands for “Oversoul Monadic Restoration” it is based on the understanding that you are more than you thought you were, and that this time on the planet requires and allows a greater integration than ever before.

Maybe you are someone who has done a lot of inner work. You’ve meditated, followed spiritual practices, maybe even had soul retrieval work done. But something is not right and you are not finding your way into well being as you should. You are not magnetizing your true purpose as you could.

Maybe you are someone who has never before felt the need for help with your life. Now you find yourself facing situations and experiences that you can’t get a handle on, and you know you need to find a different approach.

At this time on the planet, many dimensions and timelines that have been veiled, hidden, or blocked from access are now impacting us directly. Dimensional boundaries are dissolving. Much that we have not been aware of or able to interact with is now coming up to be healed and resolved.

Most soul retrieval work goes no higher than the fourth dimension (or the astral plane), and the work done is primarily on the lower body levels. So the restoring is really going on in your ego-personality level. People come to us for clearing of entities, ancestors, and astral attachments. Also removed during our ceremonies/sessions are implants, mind control constructs, and other obstructions in the body, blocking higher-dimensional restoration of the soul. Negative entities interfere with a persons true spiritual evolution and growth. When we remove these entities and attachments and the programs they run, full embodiment and healing is possible.

OMR works directly on higher dimensional levels to restore lost or fragmented aspects of the oversoul.

We cannot fully embody our true purpose, or live our true destiny, as long as large parts of our oversoul are not present in our bodies. We can fully heal our lives here on this earth level and in this body when we reclaim the aspects of our greater being. Our true mission and purpose along with our health and vitality, are the trinity for true and lasting healing.

A higher form of soul reclamation and restoration is now possible.

Upon the return of all lost soul and oversoul aspects people feel a sense of well-being and wholeness. There is a return of childlike joy, exuberance and vitality. A dramatic shift, and up leveling in consciousness takes place, a sense of personal power re-balanced in a new level of heart/mind connection returns. After OMR soul retrieval, abilities, talents and gifts that previously were inhibited (or blocked) begin to be expressed fully once more.

OMR brings your lost parts back into your body again, so you can become a fully healed human being once more. A person who can feel again. A person who knows who they are, and what you are here to do. It is time to reclaim your real, or royal self now.

Let’s get real.


Quantum Corruption Corrector

This is a guardian shield~~a guard against and a corrector of corrupt code.

Becoming a Sword

ImageForged and folded,
hammered and hells hounded.
Twisted, blacklisted and
double edged pounded.

Juiced and juicable.
Draining the dross from the crucible.
Reclaiming what is mine.

Untamed and untameable.
Blamed yet unbamable.
I ride as the wind.